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Business Accounts

ESCU offers Business Accounts that can power your small business.  We offer Savings, Checking, Money Market and more.  Click here to get rates and details about our Business Accounts. Click here to view ESCU’s Business Fee disclosure.


Business Loans

You’ve got the dream; we’ve got the money. At ESCU we offer loans for your business that are backed by the US Small Business Administration program. That translates into affordable, fair loan rates for your business venture. SBA loans are available for:

  • For-Profit small business start-ups
  • Existing businesses for equipment, inventory, etc.
  • Franchise purchases

For more information about SBA Loans and how ESCU can help you, contact our SBA Loan Specialist, Sabrina Tayes at (615) 687-4814.

Sabrina Clarke

Sabrina Tayes, ESCU SBA Loan Specialist

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escu_savingsOur Primary Savings Account is a basic savings account. A minimum deposit of $25 is required at the time of account opening, plus a one-time $1 membership fee. The $25 balance must be maintained in order to keep membership in good standing. Deposits and withdrawals can be made at all ESCU branches, by mail, Direct Deposit and ATMs. Click here to see ESCU’s current dividend rates. Click here to see ESCU’s current fee schedule.

Now there’s no waiting for you to receive your new Debit/ATM card when you open a new account or experience a lost or stolen card. We now have the Card@Once system, which allows us to issue you a new or replacement card instantly.

As a reminder, please notify us if your card is lost or stolen, any time of day by calling the credit union and connecting to the Lost or Stolen Notification Service or by calling them directly at 1-800-472-3272. Then, visit the ESCU Financial Center nearest you to get a replacement card made with Card@Once for you in an instant.

Special Share Savings Accounts

Additional basic savings accounts can be opened under the same membership number. Special Shares are perfect for setting money aside for vacations, college or planned expenses. These accounts can be given a “nickname” that appears on your statement that reminds you of your savings goal. Click here to see ESCU’s current dividend rates. Click here to see ESCU’s current fee schedule.

Christmas Club Account

A Christmas Club Account is a basic savings account used to accumulate savings for holiday expenses. Deposits can be made at branches and through Direct Deposit or mail. This account has a minimum balance of .01, which is required to keep the account active. Access to the money in the Christmas Club is limited. Yearly on November 1, or the next business day after the 1st if the 1st is not a business day, the funds in the Christmas club are automatically transferred to the member’s ESCU Primary Savings Account where they can be withdrawn without penalty. If funds need to be withdrawn from the Christmas Club before November 1, an early withdrawal fee is charged. Click here to see ESCU’s current dividend rates. Click here to see ESCU’s current fee schedule.

Share Certificates/CDs

A Share Certificate/CD is a savings account that generally offers higher dividends when the funds are left on deposit at the credit union for a term (such as 6 months or 12 months). Deposits and withdrawals are not allowed on the account until after maturity, when the certificate can be modified, renewed or cashed out. There is a minimum balance of $1000 for all ESCU certificates. For rates and early withdrawal penalty information, click here.

Money Market Accounts

The ESCU Money Market Account is a savings that offers higher dividends than a basic savings for those with larger balances. Up to three withdrawals can be made from this account each month without penalty. A minimum balance of $2500 is required on this account. Click here to see ESCU’s current Money Market rates. Click here to see ESCU’s current fee schedule.

IRA Savings Account

The IRA (Individual Retirement Account) is a savings account designed to help individuals prepare for retirement on their own, even if they already have a traditional pension or 401k. ESCU offers Traditional IRAs and Roth IRAS. Deposits to your IRA may qualify as deductible income. Consult your tax advisor for details to determine if this applies to you. There is a minimum balance of $100 required to open an IRA at ESCU. The credit union also allows members to invest IRA funds into IRA Share Certificates to allow them to take advantage of higher dividend rates. Click here to see ESCU’s current dividend rates. Click here to see ESCU’s current fee schedule.

Children’s Savings Accounts

bolt-characterESCU offers the Bolt Bucks Savings Program for members of the credit union ages 12 and younger. The Bolt Bucks account is a Primary Savings account. Children are encouraged to save regularly and receive small gifts when they make deposits at ESCU locations. Bolt, the Lightning Bug is our program mascot. To arrange to have Bolt at your event, click here.