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Loan Rates

Description APR**
As low as
Loan Period
Automobile Loans
Used Autos 2.39%** 36 Months or less*
2.49%** Up to 48 Months*
2.59%** Up to 60 Months*
3.75%** Up to 72 Months*
New Autos 1.95%** 36 Months or less*
2.29%** Up to 48 Months*
2.39%** Up to 60 Months*
2.99%** Up to 72 Months*
4.25%** Up to 84 Months*
*Term on New and Used vehicles varies by amount financed.


Description APR**
As low as
Loan Period
Other Loans
Motorcycles/ATVs 6.49%** Up to 48 Months
7.49%** Over 48 Months
New RV/Trailer 4.99%** Up to 48 Months
5.99%** Up to 60 Months
6.99%** Up to 72 Months
7.99%** Up to 84 Months
Used RV/Trailer 5.99%** Up to 48 Months
6.39%** Up to 60 Months
7.10%** Up to 72 Months
7.49%** Up to 84 Months
New Boats/Personal Watercraft 5.99%** Up to 36 Months
5.99%** 37 Months Up to 72 Months
6.99%** 73 Months Up to 96 Months
6.75%** 97 Months Up to 120 Months 10% Down
6.89%** 121 Months Up to 180 Months 20% Down
Used Boats/
Personal Watercraft
6.19%** Up to 36 Months
6.99%** 37 Months Up to 72 Months
8.19%** 73 Months Up to 96 Months
6.89%** 97 Months Up to 120 Months 10% Down
6.99%** 121 Months Up to 180 Months 20% Down
Home Equity*** 5.00%** Up to 60 Months
5.25%** Up to 120 Months
5.50%** Up to 180 Months
5.00%** Home Equity Line of Credit (variable rate)
Signature 8.99%** Up to 60 Months
Shared Secured 2.00% above deposit rate** Up to 60 Months
Education 8.99%** Up to 60 Months

**Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is determined by your individual credit report. Members with good credit history will get the best rates available. Other members who have experienced some credit problems will be assigned rates consistent with their overall history. Rates may change as determined by the Board of Directors. Term on New and Used vehicles varies by amount financed. Various financing factors may also impact rate.

***General Home Equity Loan and Line of Credit Disclosures.    Equity lines are available on owner-occupied single-family Tennessee residences. Credit Union Membership is required. All APRs quoted are accurate and subject to change without notice. A fee of $300 is charged at the time of loan closing. The fee may be waived with an initial advance of $10,000. Loans paid in full in the first twelve months will be subject to a termination fee. For loans with an original balance of $25,000 or less, the fee will be $100. Loans over $25,000 will be assessed a termination fee of $250. Other rate discounts not available. All loans subject to credit approval. Other factors will be disclosed in writing before you become obligated. Rates current as of 12/1/17.


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